Based on your zodiac, which Chainsaw Man character are you?

Some of the most popular Chainsaw Man characters are perfect matches for the 12 zodiac signs. Even though some signs are better matches than others, each sign can still be likened in at least one way to a unique person.

Based on your zodiac sign, here is which Chainsaw Man character you are.

Denji, Aki, and other Chainsaw Man Characters are easy to compare to one of the zodiac signs.

1) Aries – Power

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Some of the most common Aries traits are ambition, being brave, and trying to be the best at whatever they do. This is perfect for Power, because she sees the value in winning even when the only reward is the win itself. She also says that she is willing to join the winning side, no matter who it is, which is just as brave as Aries.

People born under the Aries moon are known for being quick to get angry. Power also shows this trait throughout the series, though only in small doses.

2) Taurus – Denji

Denji Chainsaw Man

People born under the Taurus sign are known for loving luxury because they are always surrounded by the best things in life. In this way, Denji is like a Taurus, as his main goal is to improve his overall quality of life.

His overall personality is also like that of a Taurus. He is pretty easygoing and always focuses on his own goals and wants.

3) Gemini – Angel Devil

Angel Devil Chainsaw Man By Irena Antony

Angel Devil is a twin, just like Gemini, so it makes sense that she would play the part of Gemini. Even though he thinks of himself as a Devil first and an Angel second, he doesn’t hate humans like other Devils do.

Even though he thinks people should die in pain, he changes his mind when he comforts people in their last moments. Even though the Angel Devil is very different from most Geminis, the fact that he exists makes him a perfect match for the sign that is often made fun of.

4) Makima – Cancer

Chainsaw Man Makima

Cancer signs are said to live in two different worlds at the same time. For example, they can be both material and emotional, or they can be both emotionally intuitive and closed off. This is a perfect fit for Makima, whose sneaky ways are a perfect match for the Cancer sign’s ability to easily move between different worlds.

Makima has also shown that she is very emotionally protective of herself. She keeps everyone at a distance, even though all she wants is a family. Her way of dealing with Denji also shows that she has the emotional intuition that Cancers are known for, which makes her seem even more like this water sign.

5) Leo – Beam

Beam Chainsaw Man

Beam’s personality is most like that of a Leo out of all the characters in Chainsaw Man. Leos are known for being passionate, loyal, and known for being dramatic. Beam’s behavior is best described as eccentric, but this side of him often shows up in dramatic ways that make him the center of attention.

When you add in how much he cares about his friend Denji and how loyal he is to him, you can see why he is a good match for the famously over-the-top fire sign.

6) Virgo – Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa Chainsaw Man

Virgos are known for being logical, practical, and organized in how they live their lives. Aki Hayakawa fits this description to a T. He is one of the most reliable and grown-up characters in the series. When he is at home with Denji and Power, he also takes a practical and logical approach to life.

Virgos are also known to be willing to work hard to improve themselves and their skills, which fits perfectly with Aki’s main goal in life and how he feels about it.

7) Libra – Kishibe

Kishibe Chainsaw Man

People say that the Libra sign is all about balance, harmony, and fairness. This makes me think of the older and wiser Kishibe. Throughout the series, he acts as a guide for the younger members of Tokyo Special Division 4. He always speaks clearly and fairly and stays calm no matter what is going on.

Even though Libras are known to be obsessed with finding a balance, this doesn’t really fit Kishibe. But it can still be compared to him because he wants to beat Makima. In general, though, he is a great match for this sign.

8) Scorpio – Hirofumi Yoshida

Hirofumi Yoshida Chainsaw Man

Scorpios are known for being sneaky, mysterious, and hard to understand, which is exactly how Hirofumi Yoshida is. His role in the first part isn’t very important, but everything about him, including where he came from, what he wants, how he acts, and what he does, has always been a bit mysterious. His recent debut in the second part of “Chainsaw Man” has only made these things about him stand out more.

As of this writing, we don’t know much else about Yoshida, which makes it more likely that he is a Scorpio sign. Even though they don’t know much about each other, they are a great match.

9) Sagittarius – Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni Higashiyama Chainsaw Man

Sagittariuses are known for always wanting to try something new, even if it’s scary or weird. This is perfect for Kobeni Higashiyama, who is always willing to try new things and learn more about herself, even though she is often scared out of her mind in Chainsaw Man.

Even though she doesn’t always show this side of her personality, it’s clear that she hasn’t even learned about it yet. This is mostly shown by how determined she was as a Devil Hunter and how brave she was when she had to deal with Chainsaw Man at the fast-food place she worked at near the end of the series.

10) Capricorn – Reze

Reze Chainsaw Man

People often say that Capricorns are the best workers because they are ambitious, organized, practical, and focused on getting things done. This is a perfect fit for Reze, since the Bomb Devil chose to kill Chainsaw Man even though she fell in love with Denji.

Even if she is a devil, a teenage girl who gives up her feelings for someone else in order to reach her ultimate goal may be the best example of someone who is goal-oriented.

11) Aquarius – Himeno

Himeno Chainsaw Man

People often say that Aquarians are innovative, self-reliant, and shamelessly revolutionary, which fits Himeno perfectly. During her time in Tokyo Special Division 4, she shows that she is a wise and experienced leader. She is often a key player in the group’s fights with the Devils.

She is also shown to be very creative and forward-thinking. No matter how bad things look, she always comes up with clever ideas and plans to get her group out of trouble.

12) Pisces – Pochita

Pochita Chainsaw Man

People born under the sign of Pisces are known to be the most intuitive, sensitive, and caring of all the zodiac signs. This is a great description of Pochita, who cares deeply about Denji and other Devils and humans, even though she often shows this in the wrong way.

Still, it’s clear that Pochita wants to love and be loved by others, even if his incredible strength sometimes gets in the way of his goals. There’s no doubt that Pochita is the Chainsaw Man character who most closely fits the Pisces sign.

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