Chainsaw Man Anime – Should you be excited about?

Chainsaw Man anime is set to come out this year, and there is a lot of excitement about it. This has to do with the great manga, which has been getting a lot of attention as the release date gets closer.

Chainsaw Man Anime

But does the Chainsaw Man manga deserve all this attention? Is it good enough to get this much attention?

The Story of Chainsaw Man anime

Chainsaw Man’s world is a lot like ours, except for a few differences in history and the fact that “demons” are everywhere. When demons show up, governments all over the world set up their own groups to kill them. Demon slaying is often portrayed as a sad job done by people who don’t care about the world anymore. It’s also seen as mostly pointless, since demons can come back after being killed.

The main plot of the story is about Denji and how he can turn into “Chainsaw Man” by joining with the devil Pochinta. The main point of the story is how Denji fits into the Public Safety Division, which is a part of the Japanese government that hunts down demons. He does this by making connections with different characters, with the Gun Devil being the main character of the show.

The plot also reveals other things about Pochinta, the Public Safety Division, and other characters. In this way, you could say that the show has a subtheme of “mystery,” but that “mystery” is mostly implied. Fujimoto also likes to write about dark humor and dark fantasy, which may be things that interest you.

When it comes to the latter, Chainsaw Man tries to show a reality that is almost grim and dark. The world of Chainsaw Man is also very sad. The author seems to enjoy this setting, and his dark humor plays on the sad reality in a way that makes it easy to relate to some of the characters. This way of telling a story fits Denji’s character well, since his loneliness and poverty can easily go from being a source of inspiration to a joke.

As the show/man goes on, Echhi is a big part of the plot, but as the manga goes on, he becomes less important. I think what really made this series so popular was Tatsuki Fujimoto’s focus on character relationships and how they change over time. Realistically, in the world of seinen, Chainsaw Man and Tokyo Ghoul have a lot in common when it comes to:

Characters of Chainsaw Man Anime

Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man’s main characters, besides Denji, are Power, Makima, and Aki Hayakawa. These characters are different enough that you can tell them apart, make friends with them, and mostly trust them. Aki is mostly a straight man. He is in charge of taking care of Power, a devil, and Denji (a hybrid). As the show goes on, each character’s different personality plays an important role, and all of them add emotional weight to the show’s twists and turns.

I often found myself supporting a certain character or feeling sad when one of the characters had an emotional breakdown. There’s not much more I can say about these characters without giving anything away, but I do want to stress that even though they may seem annoying at first, you’ll really like them as the show goes on.

Do we need to worry?

We shouldn’t do that. It’s not likely that MAPPA will ruin this franchise. Chainsaw Man stands on its own in terms of the story, the characters, and the world. My biggest worry is about the Chainsaw Man Anime, but since MAPPA has a lot of experience in this field, I don’t think this is as big of a deal. Even though the hype is good for the mangaka and the animation studio, it could hurt the anime. This is because the plot in the first few episodes isn’t as interesting as it gets later on.

So, to sum up, you should watch Chainsaw Man Anime for sure.

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