The Producer of Chainsaw Man Explains Why the Anime Was Rejected by Production Committees

It’s challenging to consider another anime series that has received as much anticipation as Chainsaw Man. Even though the popular series hasn’t even premiered, Denji is frequently discussed online.

Chainsaw Man

It seems like everyone is watching Chainsaw Man, from bookstores to social media, so the burden is on MAPPA Studio to deliver. And only lately, one of the anime’s producers revealed the rationale for why the crew decided not using any production committees.

Makoto Kimura, one of Chainsaw Man’s producers, provided the update. The executive made an appearance at Anime Expo this month to discuss the new series together with other MAPPA officials. The decision to scrap the help was simple to make when Kimura acknowledged that the show doesn’t use a production committee.

Kimura claims that when anime pitch ideas were being developed, MAPPA’s leadership considered Chainsaw Man. He claimed that as that procedure went on, the subject of a production committee came up and Kimura was against having one. At some point, the management realized it could manage every aspect of the initiatives internally, but Shueisha still needed to provide their blessing.

It goes without saying that MAPPA had no trouble securing the publisher’s approval. Given MAPPA’s track record, Shueisha was okay with it if a production committee was not formed. In spite of these additional duties, the studio’s staff is excited for you to see what it has created.

Let’s lay down what a production committee does now for anyone who might not be familiar with it. Although certain series lack the safety net, the anime industry frequently employs these committees to fund and produce them. At their most basic level, these committees are created by numerous entertainment businesses that are willing to invest money in any certain series.

By dividing an anime’s effort and money among numerous businesses, the risk of failure is spread out among many as opposed to one. This means that if the series fails, it won’t completely destroy one company, but rather it will harm a number of them. However, the profits are divided in the same way if it is a success.

The decision by MAPPA to forgo a production committee has turned the entire expense of Chainsaw Man on its head. If the show doesn’t work out, it will take a big hit internally, but if it does, MAPPA will get back all of the money they invested and then some.

A production committee was abandoned by MAPPA because of the success of Chainsaw Man’s manga. The safety net may give studios piece of mind, but if there is no committee present to impress, MAPPA can be as creative as it pleases with Chainsaw Man. We are confident that this large series will soon pay off for the MAPPA crew given the studio’s track record.

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