The scar on Shanks’ face in One Piece: how did he get it?

In One Piece, only the most terrifying antagonist can permanently scare Shanks. His two most distinctive features—his red hair and distinctive scar—make him one of the toughest pirates in the entire globe. His left eye is framed by three recognizable lines.

Who in the One Piece series gave Shanks his famous scar?

It was Blackbeard, also referred to as Marshall D. Teach.

Shanks went to see Whitebeard just before the Summit War of Marineford to talk about a particular pirate. Manga readers can consult Chapter 434 for information, and anime viewers can view Episode 316.

It comes out that Marshall D. Teach, a former member of Whitebeard’s gang, gave Shanks his scar. His primary weapon of choice back then was a claw. The scars on Shanks’ face would likewise match the blades. He no longer appears to be using the claws in the present.

Shanks made an effort to warn the Whitebeard Pirates of Blackbeard’s potential for harm. This happened just before Portgas D. Ace was taken prisoner and brought to Impel Down, which started the collapse of his entire crew.

When did Shanks obtain his scar?

When Shanks stole the Gomu Gomu no Mi from a CP0 spacecraft back in Chapter 1054, he already had his scar. This happened 12 years after Roger’s team disbanded in terms of time. Within that time, the scarring had to take place.

When Blackbeard hurt Shanks has not yet been revealed by One Piece. Some fans think that Shanks might have acquired his scars immediately following Roger’s decision to disband his group. Shanks was observed sobbing for his ex-captain as the Pirate King was put to death. However, when this occurs, his face is not readily seen.

These recollections took place in Chapters 0 and 434. Fans of One Piece may only guess as to why Oda chose to conceal his face. It’s conceivable that Blackbeard met Shanks just before Roger perished. Of course, the story hasn’t yet provided evidence to support it.

Blackbeard is a dangerous person.


Blackbeard’s lack of Haki achievements is frequently minimized by a vociferous minority. He also acts quite carelessly, as evidenced by the time he allowed Magellan to poison him during the Impel Down storyline. Shanks himself, on the other hand, doesn’t view him lightly.

He made it clear that he wasn’t careless in his treatment of Blackbeard. The same individual that retreated two Admirals in One Piece Film: Red and another in Wano Country is doing it again. Shanks not only possesses a huge Haki, but he can also utilize it to stop other people from having precognition.

Even though Blackbeard caused the wound a long time ago, Shanks thought it important enough to bring up to Whitebeard. In the One Piece series, Shanks is rarely wounded by anyone. Blackbeard is obviously being positioned as Luffy’s final challenge.

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